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April 11, 2013



It's been a gift to see you honor your mom and dad and fight for family over these years. I can still remember driving back and forth to Rome every few days when he was first in the hospital listening to Indelible Grace and being struck by the lyrics "Touch my silent lips oh Lord and my mouth shall praise accord." We prayed that then almost 11 years ago and God has faithfully answered. I can hear your Dad's chuckle and see his smile even now!


Thank you, for boldly and beautifully sharing your dad, Tricia. I love how you knit his story together. I have not been touched with death in this sense yet. It has always frightened me, but in reading this you pointed me towards our True and Sure Hope in such a sweet and powerfully impactful way. I feel a connection to that shift you spoke of...Heaven is closer!
...and the tractor makes me grin.

Karen Pierce

Oh Trisha! What a sweet, loving and beautiful tribute to your dad. I come here every day to see if you have blogged and of course now I understand why you haven't. Both my parents are gone but always missed. My dad died in 1978 when he was just 52 in the very prime of his life. I am seven years older than that now! My mom died in 2001 - I dream about her at least once a week. I believe they visit us in our dreams. Praying for you. I can not WAIT to see Jesus' face!!!

Sandy Harris

Trisha, I love the pictures you painted of your sweet Dad with your words. I can hear him laughing and see him smiling. I, too, am thankful for the gift of special memories, many of them with your family. I look forward to reading your stories; writing, as well as your paintings help to bring healing to our souls. You may enjoy the 2 books on kindle by M.A. Baker- Visions Beyond the Veil and Heaven and the Angels ( that one is only $.99!) They were written in the early 1900's and will bring your heart joy. He was a Pentecostal pastor, so there will be a few things different theologically, but not much:)


Dear Trisha, I am so sorry for your loss. We don't know each other well (you sent me pictures of my son in Shanghai last year!), but I try to keep up with other Shanghai families' blogs, etc.

Your tribute to your Dad is beautiful and has touched me. I love the painting and the pictures and the stories. I have been fearful of this loss as my own parents age, but your words and pictures are a comfort that we don't need to be afraid. I hope the peace that transcends all understanding continues to comfort you. Prayers for you and your family from ours.

~ Z.T.


I just came upon your story about your dad. I actually found your blog on google looking for t.robinson art. I too, have lost a mother and dad. I am priviledged to have read your story, made tears come to my eyes. By the way, I love your blog and the art camps !! Keep up the great work and continue to write about your dad.


Jane Lazenby

You know I love to come to your page to look around and get some good smiles and heart hugs, sometimes, just because. I know I have read this before about your Dad but today, when I stumbled upon it, I read it through eyes of a daughter who lost her Dad when she was 19. So much of what you said about Heaven, I felt. I was so young when he died, that as the years went by, my memories were always there but not so frequent. But when I lost my Mom, in 2010, an overwhelming feeling came around me, of how close I felt to Heaven... so much of my childhood was there... the ones who meant so much to me, and now, that left me and my siblings as the oldest ....So, I applaud you for writing these raw feelings down and being so open. Not only for you but for how they relate to so many others. Love you sweet redhead!!!

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